Beato Goes To




by Sucheta Rawal
Illustrations by Alexandra Abagiu & Oana Cocheci

In Indonesia, Beato meets Putu, a Balinese boy who shows Beato how to fly kites, play badminton, race on stilts and do yoga. The new friends learn about Indonesian capital, language, customs and even see many of the endangered animals! Portion of proceeds from Beato Goes To Indonesia will be donated to the Bali Children’s Project, a nonprofit organization that helps kids in the villages on the island of Bali, receive education.

Product Details

Age Range: 1 – 3 years
Hardcover: 38 pages
Publisher: Mascot Books (July 4, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1631776304
ISBN-13: 978-1631776304


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  1. I read this beautifully illustrated book to my cat, Mowgli. He enjoyed it thoroughly, and with that inspiration is now planning on embarking with Beato on his next adventure! The good news is that both cats live in the same city, just about a half an hour drive away from each other. Mowgli would like to travel to India to visit with his sister Bubba in Poona, and hopes that Beato would be inclined to as well.

  2. Muzaffar Sahibzada

    I met the author of the book at their open house event and got a first hand insight and the inspiration behind this drive. I must say and agree with her that there are very few, if so, children books that are based on personal experiences of the author’s visits to these places around the world, capturing real scenarios and experiences with introduction to beautiful towns/cities in these countries. The book is not only interesting because the story line is great but it is very educational. The book introduces different cultures and their lifestyles making it even more fun to read. A very nice blend of entertainment and educational information. I must mention that I met BEATO and got a chance to not only pet him but take pictures with him. He is a big proud cat, I must say. How awesome is that.!!!

  3. Sucheta is a dear friend and I do keep track of all her travels through her blogs. “Beato goes to Greenland” is the first among the series of children’s books that she is publishing and I enjoyed reading the book. The illustrations are beautiful and do a great job of bringing her travel stories to life. The book has just the right combination of facts and adventure to make it interesting as well as educational for the kids. Through a very simple narrative, Sucheta manages to paint a vivid picture of the Inuit traditions, people, culture and topography of Greenland. The fact that the story is told through the eyes of a pet (a luxurious cat named Beato) in a modern setting makes it super fun, engaging and something that kids can easily relate to. I can’t wait to find out where Beato goes next !

  4. My 3 year old son have discovered these terrific picture books. He is learning about different cultures and frankly so am I. In “Beato Goes to Israel” it was nice to return to a country that I have extensively traveled and see that this adorable character has embraced the best of the country in such an endearing way. I look forward to Beato’s next adventure!

  5. Amanda Villa-Lobos

    I read Beato goes to Greenland to my 8 year old cousin (translated to French) and she was giggling the whole time because the images are so fun.
    It looked like she traveled with Beato and when I told her that he was a real cat, she was so excited and wanted to meet him right away.

  6. Wow, what a rich cultural adventure Sucheta took us on with the help of Beato! The children were engaged, the teachers were engaged, and we all were given a peek into a different way of living. Sucheta has a kind gentle way of engaging her audience while encouraging them to think big. Her knowledge and passion for her stories is infectious and heartwarming! if you are interested in exposing your students to a cultural adventure, Sucheta and Beato will not disappoint!
    Linda Nelums
    Parent Facilitator
    Sanders Elementary School

  7. Sucheta Rawal is a gifted speaker and children love listening to her read and they love her books. Three thousand children and their families attended the Kids Expo in Gwinnett last weekend and she captivated the audience.
    Many great writers cannot speak as well as they write but she is the exception! We can’t wait to host her again!

  8. chantel bailey-callender

    Sucheta Rawal was a guest author at Oakwood Adventist Academy. She did an amazing job reading and sharing her literature with our students. The students truly enjoyed the lesson she presented following the book reading. They did not want to let her leave. I highly recommend your school inviting Mrs. Rawal!

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