Beato Teaches Kids About Earth Day

People in the United States have celebrated Earth Day on April 22 each year since 1970 to promote environmental awareness, education, and activism. Perhaps your child is already sensitive to animals, shows interest in marine life, or is fascinated by the solar system. You can instill learning about nature, wildlife and the planet in your kids through ‘Beato Goes To’ books, and celebrate the planet beyond Earth Day.

In each book, Beato learns about the environment of the country he visits. In Beato Goes To Greenland, he admires the Northern Lights that are only seen near the Earth’s poles. He also sees glaciers, icefijord, sheep, humpback whale, muskoxen and reindeer.

In Beato Goes To Indonesia, he meets animals such as orangutans, pygmy elephant, proboscis monkeys, komodo dragon, as well as snakes. Beato learns about volcanoes, bikes around rice paddies, and goes diving to see the coral reef.

In Beato Goes To Japan, Beato understands that all living beings, including mountains, forests and rivers have a soul and we should respect them. He finds out about Mount Fuji, cherry blossom trees, tanuki, snow monkeys, and ural owl.

Think about your own community and address what potential issues it faces. Perhaps you can as a family volunteer to clean a forest trail or a neighborhood animal shelter. You can set up recycling bins at home and at school. Earth Day is a wonderful occasion to instill values of taking care of one’s surroundings in small meaningful ways.

Activity Idea: Have your child write a story or poem about animals, plants, or other aspects of the environment meaningful to them.

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