Hi, I’m Beato!

BeatoGoesToMeet Beato (pronounced Bee-aa-to), an explorer cat. He has decided to leave his cozy life as a house cat in the suburbs of Atlanta, and go travel the world. Join Beato on his adventures as he climbs the world’s highest mountains, eats bizarre foods, meets native animals, and learns about how people live in different countries.

‘Beato Goes To’ is a series of children’s picture books about a cat who travels the world, in search of adventure and learning. In each book, he meets a local kid, who acts as his tour guide and together they explore the different sights, festivals, wildlife, culture, food, and more.

Author, Sucheta Rawal’s personal mission is to inspire and educate young readers to be globally minded citizens so they grow up to be more tolerant, informed and mutually inclusive.

‘Beato Goes To’ is an educational picture book series inspired by true stories, real characters, and actual photographs. It is created by a diverse team of Indian-American author and Romanian illustrators. The books are appropriate for ages 4-8, cat lovers, travelers, and those who are curious about the world!

The Goal Isn’t To Leave a Better World For Your Kids, It’s To Leave Better Kids For The World!